Sherman Financial Group LLC (“Sherman”) is a highly experienced and active global investment company with a 20-year track record of unparalleled success during a period of vast market fluctuation.  Sherman specializes in the development of innovative solutions that optimize long term value.  Sherman’s track record of successful diversification, risk management, growth and performance has earned it the confidence of regulators,  lenders and investors.  Sherman defines the standard for the consumer finance industry and endeavors to exceed the expectations of its stakeholders.


The collective infrastructure of Sherman’s portfolio of companies  provide the unique advantage of being a strong operating partner with the ability to transact in all consumer finance, corporate and real estate asset classes.  The combination of Sherman’s operational expertise and specialized servicing platforms has made it a one-stop choice for companies seeking an investor for traditionally hard to service deep value assets.  This unique organizational structure has provided Sherman with a solid foundation for consistent investment success.


Sherman, through its affiliated companies, has invested $7B to date and arranged in excess of $3B in financing for portfolio companies. As a privately-held company, Sherman  employs a streamlined decision making process and is not constrained by investment timelines and structural restrictions faced by traditional investment funds.   While the ability to act quickly can often be crucial to  successful investing, Sherman believes that patience and careful due diligence is an even more important element to success.